In the Ring With Jack Dempsey - Part II: 1919 - 1923

By Adam J. Pollack

In the Ring With Jack Dempsey – Part II: 1919 – 1923, contains descriptions of Jack Dempsey’s successful title defenses (including pre-fight hype, training and sparring, predictions, pre- and post-fight analysis); discussion of his opponents and their careers (Billy Miske, Bill Brennan, Georges Carpentier, Tom Gibbons, and Luis Firpo); economics and negotiations; controversies; legal, political, and racial obstacles; Harry Wills and the color line; Harry Greb, Gene Tunney, Jack Kearns, Tex Rickard and boxing’s first million-dollar gate(s); criminal and civil cases; Dempsey’s personal life, and much more. Hundreds of rare photos are included. 819 pages in this book alone, based on primary sources, continuing the three-part series of the most thorough books ever written on Jack Dempsey’s life and career.

Adam J. Pollack’s In the Ring With series on the heavyweight champions of the gloved era also includes books on John L. Sullivan, James J. Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons, James J. Jeffries, Marvin Hart, Tommy Burns, and Jack Johnson.

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Another knockout from Adam Pollack

Adam Pollack continues his extraordinary dissection of Jack Dempsey’s life and boxing career in “In the Ring With Jack Dempsey – Part II: 1919 – 1923.” Pollack’s writing brings back to life the time of Dempsey, a polarizing figure to many in the 1920s.

The pre-fight and post-fight analysis adds depth to Dempsey’s boxing story, along with a copious collection of amazing photos. …  It’s all here.

As much as I enjoyed the info on all things Dempsey, Pollack’s writing on the contenders vying for a Dempsey’s title impressed me. This is hardly commonplace in most boxing books. Detailed info on fighters Billy Miske, Bill Brennan, Georges Carpentier, Tom Gibbons, and Luis Firpo added depth to the volume.

Pollack touches on the Harry Wills controversy, including many of Wills’ bouts. Did Dempsey duck him? Read the book to find out. The other Harry (Greb) is also included, along with a rising contender by the name of Gene Tunney.

Enjoyable and historical, the 820 pages fly off the page.

– John J. Raspanti


Mr. Pollack is an extraordinary biographer. Both volumes of his Dempsey book are beyond excellent. …
A biography is not only the history of the person but a history of the era. The author’s exceptional research, direct quotes from the newspapers and boxing insiders, paints a picture of the era Dempsey and his contemporaries lived in when boxing was an important sport. I found it very interesting the opinion of boxing writers and observers on Harry Greb. The direct quotes from the author’s sources, not rumor or speculation, but direct quotes tell a good story. And it’s clear Dempsey did not “ duck “ Wills or Greb. The only reason to fight us to earn as much money as possible and that’s what Dempsey and Doc Kerns did. This book will not disappoint you.

– Jim

Unparalleled boxing documentarian

Another amazing book from Adam. The detail is incredible. I have enjoyed all his books. Well worth the money. I can’t wait for his next effort. Clearly this man is passionate about the sport and the lives that have brought it to life. Boxing enthusiasts are fortunate.

William Monacci

Another A Plus Job by the Boxing Historian of Our Time

Where do I begin but to say I devoured this mammoth, detail rich book and was blown away by the exceptional detail , information and abundance of photographs. Pollack is simply his own category of archivist/historian/author and this book joins his others outstanding works on Sullivan, Corbett, Fitzsimmons, Jeffries, Johnson and others as classics that will last for the next century.

-H.E. Grant

Brilliant book as all Adam J. Pollack books are. Detail is amazing, very well researched.

– Dennis Fearn


These are essential works on Jack Dempsey. Information by the tons yet again. The Firpo coverage was most interesting.




– Rudy V. Rodriguez


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